Medical Electronics Engineering

Digital Electronics Laboratory

 Laboratory courses involving hands-on experiments always have served as an integral part of engineering education. The main objective of our digital electronics lab is to provide a platform to the Diploma course students where they can absorb the full benefits of superior quality practical knowledge imparted to them.

This laboratory will enable the students to get proper exposure to the different tools and equipments which will help them to build a proper foundation of practical knowledge in sync with the theoretical concepts. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and also various equipments such as CROs, PCs for simulation, Digital IC testers, etc., this laboratory will surely serve as a gateway to the ever amazing world of electronics with adequate introduction of adders, subtractors, comparators, MUX/DEMUX, encoders/decoders, flip-flops, counters, 7-segment display, etc

Insights of what can be done here -

Realisation of basic gates, adders, mux/demux, flip-flops, counters, encoders/decoders, etc.
Analog to Digital Conversion and vice-versa
7-segment display realisation
Study about Memory ICs and its realisation

Medical Electronics Laboratory

This lab deals with designing devices and measuring that solve medical and health-related problems by combining the knowledge of biology and medicine with engineering principles and practices. In this lab we will understand the basic principles of various equipment which are necessary to be known by a medical electronic engineer. Here we will learn about blood pressure measuring instruments, electrocardiogram, pulse oximeters and various equipments. Carefully structured experiments familiarize students with the underlying physiological principles, design and analysis of medical instrumentation; transducers, bio potential amplifiers, computer interfacing, basic signal processing and the installation, calibration, preventive maintenance and repair of biomedical equipment.

Some of the equipment includes:

BP Apparatus
ECG Machine
Pulse Oximeter
Electro physiotherapy Machines
Diathermy Machine
Ultrasonic Therapy Unit
Photo Calorimeter
Electrical Centrifuge Machine
Flame Photometer
Ph meter

Analog Electronics Laboratory

This lab is intended to give the students a practical experience in working with semiconductor devices such as junction diodes, bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), MOS field effect transistors (MOSFETs) and op-amps, and examine the design and operation of important circuits that utilize these devices. This laboratory integrates the theory taught in the basic course and helps the students to apply their knowledge of electronic circuits. The purpose is to teach analog circuit design theory and to give the student an understanding of the factors governing behaviour of electronic circuits.

Major Equipment:

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Analog Digital Trainer
Electrical and Electronic System Trainer
Experimental panels compatible to the above electrical and electronics system trainer
Linear IC trainer panel
Bread board panel of 1680 tie points
Rectifier, Filter, Zener Regulator Experiment Panel
Voltage Regulator Experiment Panel
Transistor Amplifier Experiment Panel
Transistor Signal & Feedback Amplifier Experiment Panel
Operational Amplifier Circuit Experiment Panel
Advanced Operational amplifier experiment panel
Timer(555) & Frequency(565) application Experiment Panel