Common Laboratories

Physics Laboratory

The foundation of engineering is based on the concepts of Physics, it is extremely important for the students to be able to understand the same. Best way to learn these concepts is by performing experiments. Our laboratory is well equipped with experimental instruments required for the hands on experience and physical verification of Laws of Physics, which is an integral part of the learning process.

Our objective is to prepare a solid foundation for the 1st Year students in their core engineering subjects. We wish to improve our laboratory in each academic year and provide quality experience to all the students equally. We also hope to train the students on a professional level so that they can compete within the industry.

Some of the experiments to be done -

Law of Optics using Optical bench set up.
Principle of dispersion using Prisms.
Measurement of acceleration due to gravity using simple pendulum.
Law of magnetism using bar magnets.
Ohm’s Law verification using resistance box.
Application of Kirchhoff’s Law.
Resonance frequency calculation using Melde’s apparatus.
Realisation of basic electronic circuits and applications.

Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry is basically an experimental science. Development of practical skills in chemistry not only leads to learning of scientific concepts but is also instrumental in developing scientific attitudes, besides reinforcement of learning. It is therefore very essential for the 1st year student of engineering to get familiar with the set-up, apparatus and equipments in a Chemical Laboratory. For this only a well designed laboratory and a lab assistant can help students to develop their knowledge about various experiments on chemicals which help in clarify their entire concept with practice. For all this purpose our laboratory is well equipped with experimental instruments.

Demonstration Table -

The table is meant for the teacher to give instruction and to demonstrate any part of the experiment to be done by the students.

Student’s working Table:

These are made up of concrete. Each table is divided into units, and allotted to each student to work. Each unit is complete in itself and is provided with following things:

  • Reagent Shelf
  • Gas Tap
  • Water taps
  • Sink
  • Waste Box

Some of the experiments that can be done by the students are -

Cutting of a glass tube
Bending of a glass tube
Melting point determination of organic compound
pH determination of some solutions like fruit juices, acids and bases
Salt analysis- Analysis of different acid and basic radicals like Ag+, Pb++, Fe3+, Na+, Zn2+, K+, Cl-, Br-, SO42-
Titration: (i) Titration of strong acid(H2SO4) vs strong base (NaOH)
(ii) Titration of strong acid (H2SO4)vs weak base (Na2CO3)
Determining the BOD and COD value of natural water

Language Laboratory

Technology has brought drastic transformation in learning language. A technologically equipped atmosphere can be utilized effectively in order to retain excellent proficiency in learning a language. It enhances crucial language skills of the learners helping them master the competency imperative in day to day life. A language lab well-equipped with technological devices helps the learner retain best possible competencies in communication using a language providing them all the facilities particular to learning skills of that language in an excellent way. The basic skills of a language—listening, speaking—can be learned perfect with the help of technology.

The aims of establishing a language lab are -
To improve phonetic and pronunciation skills
To develop effective communication skills
To develop confidence to carry out a conversation
To think and speak in English

For the outstanding performance of the learners in terms of communication in English, they have been facilitated with a language lab equipped with all the necessary devices particularly and extensively used in language learning process in such a lab. The lab consists fair number of computers, headphones, master console, projectors etc. A brief description of each item of the lab has been given bellow:

Student Unit: This is the piece of equipments with which learner can communicate with the master console without any humming.

Master Console: This is the master equipment with which the instructor can control the operation of the language lab system.

Projector & Screen: It helps various presentation of information, power point as such, as per the need of language learning.

Desktops: Computers are the core of technologically equipped language learning environment.

Engineering Mechanics Laboratory

This laboratory gives the basic understanding of structural members under the action of loads. The students will experience the changes in behavior of structural members due to application of loads. Basics of determinate structures will be introduced through experiment.
The main purpose of any structure is to support the loads coming on it by properly transferring them to the foundation. The students will be able to compute internal, external forces and displacements produced by the application of loads to make the structure safe. Detailed analysis is to be performed to determine the bending moments, shear force, axial forces etc at the required section.

Some of the experiments to be done
1. Coplanar concurrent and non-concurrent forces
i) Triangle Law of Forces vertical plane
ii) Polygon Law of Forces using
(a) vertical plane,
(b) universal force table
2. Moment
i) Bell Crank Lever
ii) Simply supported beam
3. Friction
i) Determination of coefficient of friction by sliding block over a smooth surface
ii) Determination of coefficient of friction by sliding block over a smooth inclined surface
4. Pulley
i) Study of Simple pulleys
ii) Demo of Differential pulleys
iii) Study of Screw Jack
5. Power
i) Rope Brake or Prony Brake dynamometer
6. Study of simple screw jack & find out the following
i) Mechanical Advantage
ii) Velocity Ratio
iii) Efficiency of the machine
iv) Effect of friction

Computer Centre

This Laboratory allows free access to faculties and students of Institute and encourages them to acquaint themselves with the latest in Information Technology. Besides the usual features, the laboratory has access to Internet, Email, Multimedia software, etc. It has a collection of educational software, mainly in the Multimedia CD-ROM format.

The main aim of this lab is -
To give basic organization of a computer
To give the fundamental terminologies in networking.
To develop simple program in C.
List of Lab Exercises -
Basic commands for computer system maintenance
Preparation of Documents
Information Presentation through Spread Sheet Application of Spread Sheet
Preparation of presentation
Programming in C